Practice Areas

Corporate Restructuring and Bankruptcy Litigation

DiConza Traurig Kadish LLP offers creative solutions to distressed businesses or those involved with distressed businesses. With an extensive understanding of bankruptcy law and years of success, our lawyers are skilled strategists who devise practical, constructive strategies and solutions. We have significant experience handling complex restructuring and reorganization matters in prominent bankruptcy cases in varied industries.

We understand that effectively restructuring a business in bankruptcy depends upon tactical pre-bankruptcy planning and strategy. We work to resolve business and legal issues out-of-court or by using the federal bankruptcy process.

DiConza Traurig Kadish LLP represents debtors, creditors, other fiduciaries and other parties in bankruptcy and insolvency matters including:

DiConza Traurig Kadish LLP's bankruptcy litigation practice encompasses the full spectrum of bankruptcy law and litigation. Our attorneys have skillfully advised and represented stakeholders in high profile cases in bankruptcy and federal district courts handling issues such as:

Business Law

We advise business clients in formation, business expansion, buying and selling assets, contracts, and business disputes.

Commercial Litigation

Skilled in litigation, negotiation and consensus building, the lawyers at DiConza Traurig Kadish LLP strive to resolve disputes out-of-court, advocating for solutions that satisfy our clients' business and legal interests. When litigation is necessary, our trial preparation is thorough and comprehensive and our skill in the courtroom aims to win optimal results.

Known for client service, we tailor an approach for each case to achieve goals and resolve disputes efficiently.

Asset Sales and Purchases

The lawyers at DiConza Traurig Kadish LLP have the expertise to guide a buyer through the bankruptcy acquisition process, from making an initial bid to attending the auction, negotiating an asset purchase agreement and bid protections, advocating for approval and closing the deal. We work with you as a partner to maximize your investment objectives.


Several of DiConza Traurig Kadish LLP's attorneys are trained and/or certified bankruptcy mediators. As skilled neutrals, they apply their legal and mediation training and experience to establish conditions in which disputes may be resolved in mediation between parties seeking an alternative to protracted, complex and expensive litigation.

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